Returns the list of methods being used for calculating specific element quality checks.




HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


This command returns the methods used to calculate each of element quality checks. The methods generally represent those used by an FE solver. The command returns a list of 15 integer values. Each value identifies the method used for a corresponding element quality check. The methods’ IDs are returned in the following order:
  • solver jacobian_2d jacobian_3d min_len_2d min_len_3d aspect_2d aspect_3d skew_2d skew_3d angle warpage taper chord_dev tetra_collapse time_step cell_squish_2d cell_squish_3d equi_skew_2d skew_3d
For element quality check parameters, their meanings and allowable values, see the *elementchecksettings command.

The first returned parameter (solver) has a special meaning. The methods' IDs for most of the element quality checks (aspect_2d, aspect_3d, skew_2d, skew_3d, angle, warpage, taper, chord, tetcollapse, timestep) are just the IDs of the FE solver methods. A value returned for solver that represents a valid FE solver ID means that this FE solver's methods are currently being used for all the above mentioned element quality checks. If the global FE solver does not have some element quality check, then the HyperMesh method is being used for the check. A return value of -1 for solver indicates that the current methods used for the above mentioned element quality checks can be found from the output list by the check position.

It is possible that for some specific element quality check the command returns an FE solver ID that does not match the list of permissible IDs for this parameter. This means that HyperMesh method (ID = 0 ) is being applied for computation of this element quality parameter.


To retrieve the method (solver) currently being used for calculation of aspect ratio for 2D elements:

set all_settings [hm_getelementchecksettings]
set solver [lindex  $all_settings 0]
set aspect2d $solver
if { $solver == -1} {set aspect2d [lindex $all_settings 5]}



Version History


2020 - Value 5 (Nastran) is now supported for return for aspect_2d.