Returns a list of pool names based on the specified entity type and solver ID range.


hm_getidpoolsforidrange entity_type solver_id_range


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


This command returns a list of pool names for the specified entity_type and solver_id_range. The solver_id_range must be specified using solver ID values. The range must be specified using a dash - to define the range. Only one continuous range may be specified.

If a entity of entity_type exists with the same solver ID in multiple pools, all pools containing that solver ID will be returned.

This command is only applicable to templates that support ID pools.


To get the list of pool names for elements with solver IDs 100-300:

hm_getidpoolsforidrange elems 100-300


Incorrect usage results in a Tcl error. To detect errors, you can use the catch command:
if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } {
   # Handle error