Returns the global flags currently being used for switching of some default modes for geometry autocleanup, element cleanup and element QI smoothing.


hm_getcleanupglobalflags flags


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


This command takes as input a mask of flags used for controlling some of the default modes for geometry autocleanup, element cleanup and element QI smoothing. It returns a word representing the current status of the specified flags.

The commands which can be affected by resetting the global cleanup default flags using *setcleanupglobalflags are as follows:



Flags bit value that indicate the global settings to query. To query multiple flags at once, sum the bit values of the requested flags. The default value is 0 which returns the full current bit value of all flags.
1 - Ignore component boundaries flag.
2 - Do not allow preservation of special transversal surfaces on lines generated during geometry autocleanup and batchmeshing flag.
4 - Fixed vertices created by geometry autocleanup do not remain fixed after completion flag.


Assign the current word of all flags to the variable prv_flgs. Setup the flags to ignore component boundaries and to not create auxiliary surfaces. Then element QI smoothing is performed. Finally, all flags are restored to their original state:

set prv_flags [hm_getcleanupglobalflags 0]
*setcleanupglobalflags 3 1

*createmark elements 1 "all"
*createmark nodes 1 ""
*optimsmooth 1 1 "C:/Altair/hw10.0/hm/batchmesh/8mm.criteria" 30.0 0.20 5 0 

*setcleanupglobalflags $prv_flags 2 

To get the status of the fixed vertices creation:

set flag_4_status [hm_getcleanupglobalflags 4]

To get the status of the component boundaries (1) and the fixed vertices creation (4):

set flag_5_status [hm_setcleanupglobalflags 5]


Incorrect usage results in a Tcl error. To detect errors, you can use the catch command:
if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } {
   # Handle error

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