Returns element size info for a quality criteria file.


hm_getqualitycriteriaelementsizeinfo criteria_file ?check_element_size?


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


Returns element size info for a quality criteria file. Optionally, checks the match of the quality criteria to a given element size. A list of 4 values is returned:

return_code, criteria_elemsize, criteria_min_elemsize, criteria_max_elemsize

Where return_code is:
  • 0 - Criteria file exists and matches check_elem_size (if available).
  • 1 - Criteria file exists but does not match check_elem_size.
  • 2 - Criteria file exists but does not have any size checks enabled.
  • 3 - Criteria file does not exist, or is not set if "dummy" is specified.
  • -1 - Min size or max size is not enabled in the criteria file.


The full name and path of the criteria file to query. If "dummy" or an empty string is given, this returns info for the currently loaded quality criteria.
?check_element_size? (optional)
Element size to check against the quality criteria.


To check if the criteria file C:/temp/mycrit.criteria exists and matches a size of 10.0:

hm_getqualitycriteriaelementsizeinfo C:/temp/mycrit.criteria 10.0


Incorrect usage results in a Tcl error. To detect errors, you can use the catch command:
if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } {
   # Handle error

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