Identifies changes in the database relevant to HyperMorph entities and calls the necessary commands to update those HyperMorph entities.




HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


This command maintains the database with respect to HyperMorph entities. It checks for changes in the database on which HyperMorph entities depend, and if it finds any it calls commands that update those entities to account for the changes. For instance, if elements are deleted for a domain, this command will update all dependent domains, potentially add or remove handles, and recalculate the influences for all the affected domains.

This command needs to be called before any morphing commands are called and after any commands are called which affect HyperMorph entities or the entities on which they depend. When HyperMesh is run interactively this command is called when you enter and leave any HyperMorph panel, the delete panel, or the shape panel. If HyperMesh is being run through an interface, this command can be called when any model is loaded into HyperMesh, before and after every HyperMorph command (the ones with "morph" in them), and after anything is deleted to ensure proper functioning.


To calculate and perform any necessary HyperMorph updates: