Returns certain details about a connector.


hm_ce_detailget id detail_type detail_name


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


Returns the value of a double, string or integer attribute on an entity for the current template. If the attribute does not exist on the entity, or is not an attribute from the current template, an error is returned.


The ID of the connector to query.
The data type for standard or user defined detail: int, intarray, uint, uintarray, double, doublearray, string, stringarray, triple, or triplearray.
A user-defined detail, or the name for one of standard details from the following table:
Table 1.
Detail Name Type Range Meaning
ce_allowadjacent int 0,1 Allow adjacent projection flag
ce_appliedmass double >=0.0 Applied mass value
ce_appliedmassdis int 0,1,2,3 Applied mass distribution type:

0=div. by nodes

1=all nodes

2=div. by area

3=unit area

ce_areaconstthickness double >=0.0 Constant thickness of area
ce_areastacksize int >=0 Density of area connector
ce_areathicknesstype int 0,1,2,3 Thickness type of area connector:


1=shell gap



ce_boltmaxdiameter double >=0.0 Max. diameter for bolt hole
ce_boltmindiameter double >=0.0 Min. diameter for bolt hole
ce_collectorid int >0 Comp ID of the connector entity
ce_collectorname string N/A Comp name of the connector entity
ce_configname string N/A FE config name of the realized connector
ce_configval int >=0 FE config value of the realized connector
ce_connectivity string Independent, FE connecivity dependent,use_shell_node, etc. Connector’s FE connectivity
ce_cords triple array N/A Coordinates of the connector
ce_density int >=0 Density value of line or seam
ce_diameter double >=0.0 FE diameter
ce_fesolver string Nastran, etc. FE solver name
ce_fetype int >=0 Realized FE type value defined in "feconfig.cfg" file
ce_fetypename string N/A Realized FE type name defined in "feconfig.cfg" file
ce_fevectorreverse int 0,1 Vector reverse flag
ce_forcecollinear int 0,1 Force collinear flag
ce_group unit array N/A Lists the connector and any grouped to it
ce_half_spacing int 0,1 Half-spacing offset flag for seams or lines
ce_ijk triple N/A Connector’s projection vector
ce_layers int -,+,0 Connector’s defined thickness
ce_nonnormal int 0,1 Allow non-normal projection flag
ce_numlinks int >0 Connector's number of current links
ce_offset double >=0.0 End offset value for a line
ce_positionstring string N/A A list containing the entity_type followed by the entity IDs selected to create the connector.
ce_projection_info string N/A Projection information stored from last realization
ce_propertyid int >=0 FE property ID
ce_propertyscript string N/A Property script name and path
ce_remesh int 0,1 1 for mesh-independent, 0 otherwise
ce_size double >0,0 Connector display size
ce_snaptonode int 0,1  
ce_spacing double >0.0 Spacing value for lines or seams
ce_state string realized



Connector entity state
ce_style string spot





Connector style
ce_systems int 0,1 FE build system flag
ce_trimsurfeachside int 0,1 Trim surf each side flag for area
ce_tolerance double >=0.0 Tolerance value specified during FE realization
ce_type string node/point




Connector entity type based on its creation
ce_usercontrol int 0,1 User control flag


To get the ID of the collector containing the connector:

hm_ce_detailget 1 int ce_collectorid

To get the list of internal test point coordinates:

hm_ce_detailget 1 triplearray ce_cords


Incorrect usage results in a Tcl error. To detect errors, you can use the catch command:
if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } {
   # Handle error