HyperWorks Report

HyperWorks-Report tool provides a comprehensive API layer to allow automation and customization of reporting.

The following two main use cases were taken into consideration:
Use case 1: Bypass the full Report user interface and provide a one click solution
This can be done by interactively creating report templates and saving them for later use.
Use Report APIs to launch the Report tool without its user interface or with a very simple custom user interface, load your predefined report template, possibly change to a custom Microsoft Office master template, and start report creation on button click.
Use case 2: Add your own Report business logic by creating a custom module
Not finding what you are looking for in the list of Report modules?
Simply use the HyperWorks APIs to extract results out of the HyperWorks session and map them to standard report items.

Refer to API documentation and the example files in the HyperWorks installation directory: <installation directory>\hwdesktop\demos\report.