Finds the coordinates of the point on the line that is at a given arc-length distance from another point on the line


hm_getlinearclenpoint line_id arc_distace x_coord y_coord z_coord


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


This command finds and returns the coordinates of the point of the line line_id, whose arc-length distance from the point P with coordinates (x_coord, y_coord, z_coord) is arc_distace. If point P is not on the line then an error is returned. Otherwise, the result is returned in a list that contains 4 entries. The first 3 are the coordinates of the point and the last one is a flag. Possible flag values are 0, -1 and -2. Flag value 0 means that the result point is found to be on the line. If the result point happens to be off the line because the given arc_distace is too large, then flag gets values -1 or -2 depending on whether the result is off the start point or off the end point of the line, respectively. In this case, the returned point is the start or the end point of the line depending on the case.


To get the coordinates of the point of line 2751, that is at an arc-length distance of 8.5 from the point (10.2, 32.5, 2) that lies on the line:

getlinearclenpoint 2751 8.5 10.2  32.5  2 


Incorrect usage results in a Tcl error. To detect errors, you can use the catch command:
if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } {
   # Handle error