LS-DYNA Input Interface KeywordThis keyword defines the finite element properties of solid elements.


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sec_ID ELFORM    


Field Contents SI Unit Example
sec_ID Section identifier


ELFORM Solid element formulation options.
= 0
set to 1
= 1 (Default)
HEPH 8-node solid element, 1 Gauss integration point, co-rotational system formulation, physical hourglass stabilization
= 2
8-node solid element, co-rotational, full integration, fixed 2*2*2 Gauss integration points, shear locking-free
= 10 or 13
4 node tetrahedral element
= 16
10 node tetrahedral element
= 19 or 20
8-node solid connection element



  1. This keyword maps to /PROP/TYPE14 (SOLID) for an isotropic material and /PROP/TYPE6 (SOL_ORTH) for an orthotropic material. For connection elements ELFORM = 19 or 20, this keyword maps to /PROP/TYPE43 (CONNECT).
  2. The option “_TITLE” can be added to the end of this keyword. When “_TITLE” is included, an extra 80 character long line is added after the keyword input line which allows an entity title to be defined.