LS-DYNA Input (Beta)

This manual contains an alphabetical list of LS-DYNA input files available in Radioss.

Important: Due to the large number of new input options, this first release of the reader is a beta version.

Models defined using the LS-DYNA input format can be used with Radioss. During the reading process, the input is read and mapped to equivalent Radioss functionality. Radioss supports only the input keywords and options documented in this manual. The keywords and options supported are the ones most commonly used in dynamic analysis. Provide feedback to Altair support, if other keywords or options are needed.

Model units should be defined in *CONTROL_UNIT because the mapping depends on the model's unit system. The Starter output will contain information about how the LS-DYNA keywords are mapped to Radioss Block Format. If there are warning or error messages in the model, the warning or error messages relate to the LS-DYNA keyword mapping. If the Starter runs without any errors, restart files are created. If the *CONTROL_TERMINATION keyword is included in the model, then a Radioss Engine file is created by the Starter. To easily run a model in the LS-DYNA input format, it is recommended to use the Altair Compute Console (ACC) which will run the Radioss Starter and the Engine.

Although both solvers use the same explicit solution method, there is no guarantee that the results will exactly match results that would be obtained by running the same model in LS-DYNA. Similar to any other simulation, the user is responsible for verifying the results obtained from the simulation. The user is responsible for verifying that solving an LS-DYNA model in Radioss does not violate any restrictions of the input model and assumes all liabilities from the use of the model.

Known Limitations

  • All *SET_{OPTION} sets in the model must have unique identifiers. For example, a *SET_PART and *SET_NODE cannot have the same set IDs.
  • Model units should be defined in *CONTROL_UNIT because the mapping depends on the model's unit system.
  • There is no time history output for rigid walls.
  • *RIGIDWALL_PLANAR_FINITE_FORCES_ID is not supported. Replace this option with *RIGIDWALL_PLANAR_FINITE_ID and remove the last line in the input for the FORCES option.