LS-DYNA Input Interface KeywordThis keyword defines an isotropic, highly compressible Fu Chang foam.


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mat_ID ρ i E   TBID


Field Contents SI Unit Example
mat_ID Material identifier


ρ i Initial density


[ kg m 3 ]
E Young’s modulus


[ Pa ]
TBID Table identifier for engineering stress vs engineering strain for different strain rates. Positive strains and stresses correspond to compression


HU Hysteresis unloading factor



SHAPE Shape unloading factor



  1. This keyword maps to /MAT/LAW90.
  2. The unloading follows the first loading curve when HU=0. For HU>0, the first loading curve is used to calculate the unloading path based on a damage formulation.
  3. The option “_TITLE” can be added to the end of this keyword. When “_TITLE” is included, an extra 80 character long line is added after the keyword input line which allows an entity title to be defined.