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HyperForm Tutorials

HyperForm Tutorials

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HyperForm Tutorials

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Access Model Files

HF-0010: Introduction to HF Macros

HF-0100: General Introduction and Functions


HF-0150: Quick Setup

HF-0200: Geometry Cleanup

HF-0300: Automeshing

HF-0400: Mesh Quality

HF-0500: Model Preparation - Undercut Check and Autotipping

HF-1000: One Step Stamping Simulation

HF-1010: Increasing Blankholder Pressures

HF-1020: Applying Drawbeads to a Model

HF-1030: Transferring Forming Results to Crash Analysis

HF-1040: Laser Weld

HF-1050: Trim Line Layout

Die Module

HF-2010: Creating a Basic Addendum

HF-2020: Creating a Parametric Addendum

HF-2030: Creating a Profile Binder and Parametric Addendum

Incremental Analysis

HF-3000: Auto Process

HF-3010: User Process

HF-3020: Setting Up a Multistage Simulation with the User Process

HF-3030: Post Processing Forming Results in HyperView

HF-3040: Redraw Forming Analysis from the User Process

HF-3050: Gravity

HF-3060: Trimming

HF-3070: Springback

HF-3080: Hot Stamping

HF-3090: Setting Up a Composite Forming Simulation

HF-3100: Post Processing Composite Forming Results in HyperView

HF-3110: HydroForming

HF-3120: Tube Bending

HF-3130: Blank Shape Predictor

Optimization Study

HF-4010: Mesh Morphing

HF-4020: Optimization 1-Step

HF-4040: Process and Shape Optimization Using RADIOSS Incremental

Result Mapping

HF-5000: Using Results Mapper in HyperCrash

Die Structure Optimization

HF-6000: Die Structure Optimization