Aligning blocks

You can force all blocks to align to an invisible grid or you can selectively apply alignment to a group of blocks.

To align blocks to an invisible grid

      Under Edit > Preferences > Preferences, activate Snap to Grid.

When you move a block with Snap to Grid active, the block is forced to the nearest grid point. Blocks that have been inserted into your diagram before Snap to Grid is active are also affected by this parameter.

In addition, when Snap to Grid is active Embed saves block positions in units of ½ the average character size of the currently selected font. This results in a more consistent appearance of the diagram over different graphic resolutions.

In some instances, you may want to de-activate forced alignment at the top level of the diagram. This occurs when you have animation in that level. To turn off forced alignment at the top level, use the Do Not Snap To Grid On The Top Level parameter in Preferences tab for the Edit > Preferences command.

To align a group of blocks

1.    Select the blocks to be lined up.

2.    Right-click one of the selected blocks or choose Edit > Align.

3.    Choose one of the following commands:


What it does

Align Left

Aligns the blocks by their left edge

Align Right

Aligns blocks by their right edge

Align Stack

Aligns blocks vertically

Align Top

Aligns blocks horizontally by their top edge

Align Inputs

Lines up blocks horizontally so that their input wires are straight

Align Outputs

Lines up blocks horizontally so that their output wires are straight