Changing screen element colors

You can apply different colors to blocks, wires, and text; or you can display diagrams in black and white. To display connector tabs in colors that correspond to the type of data entering or exiting the block, use the View > Data Types command.

To apply color to screen elements

1.    Choose View > Colors.

2.    Select the color for the corresponding screen element. When you choose a default color for the plotting background, Embed uses the specified color on all meter, plot, and stripChart blocks, except those blocks whose background colors were explicitly set in their Properties dialog boxes.

3.    Click OK, or press ENTER.

To display diagrams in black and white

1.    Choose Edit > Preferences.

2.    Click the Preferences tab.

3.    De-activate the Color Compound Blocks and Color Display options.

4.    Click OK, or press ENTER.