Creating variables

The variable block is located under the Blocks menu in the Annotation category.

1.    Right-click the variable block, or choose Edit > Block Properties and click the block.

2.    Do one of the following:


Do this

Create a new variable

Enter a new name.

Specific naming conventions are in effect when naming variables to pass signals. Other conventions are in effect when naming variables to reference files. See Naming variables for the list of naming restrictions.

Also, when using variables to pass signals, you can limit the scope of the variable. To limit the scope to the local level, preface the name with a colon (:) character; preface it with two colon (::) characters to make it definition-scoped, or no colons to make it global. For information see Scoping variables.

Reference an existing variable

Click the DOWN ARROW and choose a name from the list.

3.    Click OK, or press ENTER.