RD-E: 4600 TNT Cylinder Expansion Test

The Cylinder Expansion Test is an experimental test used to characterize the adiabatic expansion of detonation products. It allows determining JWL EOS parameters.

It consists in a copper cylinder filled with an explosive (TNT). Detonation is initiated at the bottom of the explosive with a planar detonation wave. It propagates along cylinder axis and radial expansion of the copper cylinder is measured at a given point of external surface.

Figure 1.
In order to simulate this experience, a model is created with the following details:
  • 3D mesh of a quarter-cylinder with eight node brick elements
  • Jones-Wilkins-Lee Equation-of-State for TNT detonation products (/MAT/JWL)
  • Hydrodynamic Johnson-Cook material law for the copper cylinder (/MAT/HYD_JCOOK)
  • Multi-Material, Fluid and Explosive material law (/MAT/LAW51)

The simulation results are then compared to the experiment data.