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Metal Extrusion Tutorials

Metal Extrusion Tutorials

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Metal Extrusion Tutorials

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HX-0001: Importing Die Geometry

HX-0002: Create and Edit 3D Solids

HX-0003: Creating Die Geometry for Solid Profiles

HX-0004: How to Use the Project Browser

HX-0022: Mesh Generation for Solid Profiles

HX-0023: Mesh Generation for Hollow Profiles

Guidelines for Non-Hex Meshes

HX-0052: Bearing from Nodes

HX-0053: Define Bearing Profile from Control Lines

HX-0054: Bearing Creation from 3D Bearing Curve

HX-0100: HyperXtrude Analysis - Extrusion Wizard

HX-0101: Extrustion of a Solid Profile

HX-0102: Extrusion of a Solid Profile Die with Pockets

HX-0104: Modeling Dies with Symmetry Planes

HX-0105: Solid Profile Die with Multiple Exits

HX-0106: Indirect Extrusion - Solid Profile

HX-0107: Solid Profile Using Existing Mesh

HX-0108: Hollow Profile with Existing Mesh

HX-0109: Mesh Generation using Solid Map Option

HX-0151: Extrusion of a Hollow Profile

HX-0155: Indirect Extrusion of a Hollow Profile

HX-0201: Tool Deflection

HX-0302: Variable Time Step Analysis

HX-0303: Billet Skin Tracking

HX-0304: Transverse Weld Length

HX-0401: Select/Add New Material Properties

HX-0404: Fit Material

HX-0427: Add New Presses to the Database

HX-0452: Bearing Length Optimization using HyperXtrude and HyperStudy

HX-0500: Introduction to HyperView

HX-0501: Post-Processing