Starts a load output block. The loads in the HyperMesh database whose configuration is equal to the parameter configuration, and whose type is equal to the parameter type are output according to the user-defined format in this block.


*loads (config, type, user name)


HyperMesh Template Command


Defines the configuration of the load that is output using this block definition and has the following possible values:
ConfigLoad Output
0 Any load
1 Forces
2 Moments
3 Constraints
4 Pressures
5 Temperatures
6 Fluxes
8 Velocities
9 Accelerations

If the config supplied is 0 (zero), all loads of the given type are output.

Defines the type of load being defined. The type parameter allows users to define multiple types of loads per configuration. If the type supplied is 0 (zero), all loads of the given config are output.
user name
Defines the name of the load being defined.


Requires an *output() at the end of the block.