Edit SSH Keys

Add an SSH to a bursting scenario to give users access to associated cloud nodes. Remove SSH keys for a bursting scenario to restrict access to the associated cloud nodes.

  1. Login to Control.
  2. Click the Cloud tab.
  3. Click Bursting from the Infrastructure menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
  4. Select a bursting scenario by clicking its name.
  5. Click Customization.
  6. Scroll to the SSH Keys section.
  7. Click Edit located to right of the SSH Keys heading.
  8. Add public SSH keys for any users that you want to have access to the burst nodes:
    1. Click Add.
      An editable box is displayed.
    2. Place the cursor in the editable box.
    3. Paste the public SSH key into the editable box.
      Public key files are usually stored in /.ssh in the user's home directory.
    4. Repeat steps 8.a through 8.c to add additional public SSH keys.
  9. Remove public SSH keys so that users do not have access to the burst nodes:
    1. Click located below the SSH key box.
  10. Click Save.