What's New
New features available with Altair Control™.
Get Started
Use Control to monitor and manage your HPC clusters.
Learn more about Control by watching a product video.
Add users and assign them roles to grant and restrict access to the various features of Control.
Add, update, or delete HPC clusters.
Configure WLM server and scheduler settings, queues, resources, defaults and limits.
Monitor jobs and nodes to understand what your HPC system is doing and improve performance.
Configure allocation periods, clusters and service units and manage allocation budgets, accounts, and transactions.
Run a simulation to perform what-if analysis to determine the most productive way to scale and configure an HPC.
View HPC resource usage charts and simulation results.
Burst HPC cluster nodes in the cloud when the demand for computing capacity spikes.
The Node Management page enables you to monitor, filter, add and configure nodes quickly through an easy to use interface.
The real-time dashboard in Control (currently in preview release stage), provides live data in a single page to view several aspects about the overall operation of a cluster.
Logout once your work is complete.