What's New

New features available with Altair Control™.

Installation and Management

Control has optimised installation and management via a Docker hosted containerized implementation allowing for a lightweight python installer that downloads software images and then configures and deploys the containers. The Control installer provides the following installation package options, allowing some components to be installed separately. Using the installer in an interactive mode, these packages can be installed in a single installation process, singularly, consecutively or distributively.
  • Control (Monitor, Configure, Analyze, Simulate)
    • Optional Preview Release (not installed by default)
      • Realtime Dashboard
      • Node Management
  • Cloud
  • Analyze Data Collector
The Cloud package is dependent on the Control package, therefore the Control package must be installed before installing the Cloud package.

Realtime Dashboard

Currently in preview release stage, realtime dashboards enable:

  • Monitoring the overall state of PBS Complexes.
  • Quick and easy drill down into data (per job, per user, per queue etc.).
  • Decisions based on historical and real time data to anticipate the future.

Node Management

Currently in preview release stage, node management simplifies creation and configuration of nodes. The main features include:
  • Visualize node details in the GUI.
  • Filter list of nodes.
  • Create, delete, offline and online nodes.
  • Configure nodes by setting and unsetting values on custom resources.


Improvements to Cloud include:

  • IAM role as an additional option for AWS account registration

  • Hyperthreading support for AWS

  • Loki for logging

  • API documentation