View the Available PBSWorksBurstNodeHours Licenses

Display the amount of burst node licenses that are available.

PBSWorksBurstNodeHours are a declining balance, meaning they are a resource that is consumed by use, not a limit in time.

One PBSWorksBurstNodeHour gives one wall clock hour of time for a node that is burst on a Cloud provider system (Azure, AWS, etc). PBSWorksBurstNodeHours are consumed during the time it takes the node to boot. Bursting usually takes about 4:30 minutes, on average, across providers, which is about the time a fully-configured CentOS 7 node takes to boot. Cloud nodes have their own boot time overhead.

Granularity of measurement is one minute. Initial checkout is for 24 hours, and the unused balance is refunded when a node is deprovisioned.

  1. Login to Control.
  2. Click the Cloud tab.
  3. Click Bursting from the Infrastructure menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
The remaining licenses are displayed at the top of the web page. In the below example, 420,181 node hours are available.

Remaining Licenses
Figure 1. Remaining Licenses