Prerequisites for Cloud Bursting

A cloud provider account, licenses, an on-premise PBS Complex and a secure network connection must be in place before cloud bursting can be enabled.

Note: Cloud bursting is supported on Linux platforms only.
  • An installation of Control 2019.1 or later.
  • The clocks on the Control server, cloud nodes, the PBS Server, and the on-site PBS MoMs should be synchronized using NTP or some other kind of mechanism.
  • An account with one of the supported cloud providers.
  • PBSWorksBurstNodeHours licenses.
  • An on-premise PBS complex running PBS Professional 19.2.1 or later; this includes the PBS Server and execution hosts. All the setup required for bursting is done on your on-premise PBS complex
  • A dedicated network line, VPN setup, or SSH tunnel is required from the on-premise network to the cloud network for seamless communication between the two. Test the VPN setup by logging into the cloud provider's portal and creating a virtual machine and check connectivity between the PBS Server and the cloud virtual machine.
Note: A DNS server is no longer a requirement for cloud bursting.