Block Format Keyword Describes the time history for flexible bodies.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
var_ID1 var_ID2 var_ID3 var_ID4 var_ID5 var_ID6 var_ID7 var_ID8 var_ID9 var_ID10
Imin Imax fxbody_ID              


Field Contents SI Unit Example
thgroup_ID TH group identifier

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

thgroup_name TH group name

(Character, maximum 100 characters)

var_ID1, ...n Variables saved for TH (see table below)

(Character, maximum 8 characters)

Imin Minimum mode index 2


Imax Maximum mode index 2


fxbody_ID Identifier of the flexible body to which the mode belongs



TH Output Keyword & Variables

Keyword Object Saved Variables
FXBODY Flexible body IE, KE, EFW, DE

Table of Available Variables - Part 2

Keyword Variable Group Saved TH Variables

Output for Flexible Body

  • IE: Internal energy
  • KE: Kinetic energy
  • EFW: Work of applied forces
  • DE: Damping energy


  1. Available names are listed in the two tables above.

    In the first table, TH-variables are listed. If a TH-variable is requested, this variable is written.

    In the second table, other variable groups are listed. If a variable group is requested, all the associated TH-variables are written at once.

  2. Index of local modes for a flexible body is given by the order in which the modes are written in the Flexible Body Input File.

    All local modes whose index lie in the range (max(1,Imin) and min(Imax, Nmod)), where Nmod is the number of local modes of the flexible body identified by fxbody_ID, will be taken into account.