Remove an End Date for a Manually Burst Cloud Node

Remove an end date so that cloud nodes are not automatically unburst on a given date and time.

  1. Login to Control.
  2. Click the Cloud tab.
  3. Click Bursting from the Infrastructure menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
  4. Select a bursting scenario by clicking its name.
  5. Click Node.
    Nodes that were burst by the PBS cloud bursting hook are displayed at the top while manually burst nodes are displayed below. By default, the manually burst nodes are grouped by instance type.
    Tip: To group the manually burst nodes by tags, click Tag located to the right of Group by.

    Burst Machines
    Figure 1. Burst Machines
  6. Under Machines - manually burst, choose one of the following options:
    • To display all machines that have been manually burst, click Manage machines.
    • To display a list of machines that have been burst for a particular instance type, click Manage.

      Unburst Machines for a Particular Instance Type
      Figure 2. Unburst Machines for a Particular Instance Type
  7. Choose the machines.
    Tip: For machines that have had an end date set, the time remaining before the machine is unburst is displayed under the Remaining column.

    Choose Machines
    Figure 3. Choose Machines
  8. Click Remove end date.
  9. Click Remove.
    The end date is removed. The machine will continue to run until it is unburst manually.