Get a file parameter from the data base.


filePar = GetFile( path, par, default=None )


path (string)
Data base path of the node containing the parameter.
par (string)
Parameter name.
default string (path of the file)
Default value. This value is returned if the indicated path and par does not exist.

Return Value

filePar string (path of the file)
The parameter value.


  • The parameter in the data base must be a string.
  • The parameter must exist in the data base or the default must not be None.


This routine returns a file parameter from the data base. The parameter address is given by its node path and the par name. If the parameter does not exist the default value is returned. For example,
node = ROOT + RS + 'User' + RS + 'HEAT_SINK'
cadFile = GetFile( node, 'CADFile' )