Altair® Monarch®


Working with Data Sources

Monarch Data Prep Studio can connect to a number of disparate source repositories, including files, databases, and message buses. Although the process of retrieving a data table is similar, connectors may have different user interfaces.

Data connectivity to third-party products is based on general available versions. Typically new versions are supported within one calendar year of release, although the timing of including the new version in support is dependent on customer demand.  New versions of popular data sources within our customer base are generally supported quickly after general availability.

Data retrieved into Monarch Data Prep Studio is converted into one of three possible data types:

  • Number (Double)

  • Text (Unicode)

  • Timestamp (Millisecond accuracy)

Date type conversion is specific to each data connector, and ODBC/JDBC driver for database sources. However typical data type mappings are as follows:

Data Type








Date Time







Sources that support time at a nano-second accuracy have data retrieved as millisecond accuracy.  Sources must support Unicode to be able to retrieve Unicode-based text.

Connecting to a data source

Use the Select Data Source to Open dialog box to select and open a data source.


  1. Do one of the following:

    • Go to the Start Page and select Open Data, or

    • Select Add More Stuff from the Preview or Prepare Window.

    • The Select Data Source to Open dialog box displays:


  2. Select a data source group (e.g., Monarch Complete File) on the left-most panel of the dialog to display the data sources under that group.

  3. You can also display data sources specific to a file type or extension by entering the extension on the filter bar at the top of the dialog.

    For instance, you can enter txt as filter criteria to display the following as candidate data sources:

    • Delimited Text

    • Text Report

  4. Do one of the following:

  5. Fill out the corresponding connection dialog.

  6. Select OK to confirm the selection and retrieve the record set into the Monarch Data Prep Studio Preview.

Working with favorite data sources

Monarch Data Prep Studio keeps track of the data sources you use most often, and provides favorites features to help you connect to these data sources more easily.

Favorites group

Monarch Data Prep Studio has a Favorites group that can display the data sources you use the most:


To add a data source to Favorites, click on the Pin icon beside the data source:


Once pinned, the data source becomes available on the Favorites group as well.