Altair® Monarch®


Connector Dialog for Splunk

Enter values into the dialog box to connect and fetch data from your Splunk data source.





The name of the machine or domain containing the data source. This machine must be accessible from the machine where Monarch Data Prep Studio is installed.


Port Number required to access the data source.


A valid Username required to log-on to Splunk.


A valid Password required to log-on to Splunk. This password must match the Username above.


Click this button to connect to the Host after specifying the connection information above.


Select the Application for which you want to define a query.

Saved Search

Click on this radio button if a Search from a previous session is available. After selecting this button, select the search from the drop-down list.


Click on this button to execute a manual search operation. You will need to type in a valid Splunk search query into the Search Query box.

Search Query

Allows you to load, and then select, the tables from your database by entering a SQL Statement.

Enter the complete SQL Statement to select the tables and columns.

If you selected Tables and Views, this box is updated to show the corresponding  SELECT * FROM TABLE query.

Preview Data

Click to fetch data using the credentials and criteria you have specified. 10 records are displayed to allow you to verify that you are selecting the correct data.