Remove Duplicate Surfaces From FV-UNS Files

Use the -rmds or -remove_duplicate_surfaces command line option to remove duplicate surface information.

When writing FV-UNS files, AcuTrans is able to convert all SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION and SURFACE_OUTPUT commands into surfaces that are available as boundaries in AcuFieldView. Often times, these sets of surfaces contain identical nodes and elements and are redundant for visualization purposes. In these cases, it is desirable to remove the duplicate surfaces and only show the unique set. This is accomplished with the -rmds or -remove_duplicate_surfaces command line option. When this option is turned on, all surfaces are compared to ensure that they are not duplicates of any others in the set that has been converted. For example, to write all surfaces into the FV-UNS file, the following command would be used:
"acuTrans -out -to fieldview -no_rmds"
To write only the unique surfaces to disk, the following command would be used:
"acuTrans -out -to fieldview -rmds"

The -rmds option is on by default, so there is no need to explicitly specify this command line option unless you desire to turn it off.