Convert Time Cut Results into FieldView Particle Path File Format

Time cut results are produced using the TIME_CUT_OUTPUT type from AcuTrace.

This type of particle tracing records the state of the particle at the specified instants in time. This type of particle tracing can be done on either steady or transient flow fields. The results from this type of particle trace can also be read in as steady or transient particle paths into AcuFieldView. To convert the results of a time_cut trace on a steady state flow field, use the following command:
acuTransTrace -to fieldview -fvopt time_cut,steady
To convert transient results, the following command should be used:
acuTransTrace -to fieldview -fvopt time_cut,unsteady

More information regarding the use of AcuTransTrace is available in the AcuSolve Programs Reference Manual.