AcuTransTrace is used to convert particle tracing results from AcuTrace into various formats for visualization purposes.

AcuFieldView is able to load files that are converted into the FieldView Particle Path File format. Once the flow results have been read into AcuFieldView, either by direct reader of FV-UNS import, the particle trace results can also be read into AcuFieldView and the particles can be visualized along with the flow. Note that conversion of the particle trace results data into FieldView Particle Path File format is the only way that they can be visualized in AcuFieldView. There is no direct reader support for particle tracking.

Similar to AcuTrans, AcuTransTrace relies on a user specification to tell it which format to convert the results into. This is accomplished with the -to or -translate_to command line option. The simplest AcuTransTrace command necessary to convert data into FieldView Particle Path File format consists of a request to convert the streamline output (-fvopt streamline,steady option) and a specification to convert the data into FV-UNS format (-to fieldview option). For example:
acuTransTrace -to fieldview -fvopt streamline,steady

AcuTrace generates three different types of results: TRACE_OUTPUT, TIME_CUT_OUTPUT and POINCARE_OUTPUT. Each type of output may be read into AcuFieldView by converting the data using AcuTransTrace. Controlling which types of output are converted and the specific options associated with that type is controlled by the -fvopt command line option.