Change the Vector Color by Direction

  1. Open the Vector panel in the following ways:
    • From the Results toolbar, click Vector .
    • Select Plot > Vector from the Results menu.
  2. From the Vector panel, click the Display tab (located in the middle of the panel).
  3. Select Direction from the Color by drop-down menu.
    The vector is displayed with the colors defined by the buttons. The buttons are enabled and the default colors for the vector are:
    • Red for X
    • Green for Y
    • Blue for Z
    • Yellow for resultant X+Y
    • Light blue for shear resultant Y+Z
    • Pink for shear resultant Z+X
    • White for shear resultant X+Y+Z
  4. Click the color box and select a different color from the color palette.
    The colors for the components or resultant are changed.