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View new features for HyperView 2021.1.

Altair HyperView 2021.1 Release Notes



  • HyperView Upfront Loader workflow in HyperWorks
  • View Cube for model manipulation
  • Support of Nastran/OptiStruct/MADYMO result files in HDF5 Format
  • Synchronize Result Step Tool for comparing Linear and Modal animations across windows
  • Command Recording enhancements

New Features

HyperView Upfront Loader Workflow in HyperWorks
HyperView with Upfront Loader, which was first introduced in v2020 in the HyperWorks Desktop interface, is now available with a revamped workflow in HyperWorks. There is a direct start menu shortcut and a dedicated invoke script to launch this profile on Windows and Linux respectively.

Figure 1.
Some highlights and key benefits are:
  • Uses a multi-threaded, asynchronous data loading engine resulting in faster load times.
  • New Load Data Dialog designed to:
    • Select upfront and load only animation steps and results data of interest
    • Load several results at once, monitor load progress and cancel loading.
  • Loaded data is automatically cached and readily available for viewing.
  • Option to unload cached data when no longer necessary.
  • Interact with the application and perform other tasks while data is loading instead of waiting until loading completes.
  • Monitoring to warn if the application memory usage reaches a certain threshold and cancel any ongoing loading.
  • Graphical user interface: new workflows for plotting and visualizing contours, vectors, tensors, iso and deformations are available through the Plot Ribbon.

    Figure 2.
Note: There is a separate shortcut/invoke script to launch this profile and one cannot switch the session back to standard HyperView. Also, certain HyperView tools are not available in this profile and only transient analyses post processing is supported. For additional details, please consult the User Guide and refer to the Known Issues section (below).

Starting in v2021.1, the Upfront Loader workflow will be officially supported only in HyperWorks and will no longer be available or supported in the HyperWorks Desktop interface.

View Cube in HyperView
The View Cube is now available in HyperWorks – HyperView, giving you direct access to standard views along with many more variations and orientations of standard, isometric, and edge views. Configure the view cube in File > Preferences > Appearance.

Figure 3.
Synchronize Result Step
Synchronize Result Step is a useful tool to synchronize subcase and simulation steps across models in multiple windows. It is available for linear and modal animation modes, where a typical use case is to compare iterations side by side for different modes. This tool is currently only supported in the HyperWorks Desktop interface and is available from the Tools menu.

Figure 4.
Record and Playback for ISO and Tracing
HyperWorks Command language (HWC) coverage, which allows you to record and playback workflows in HyperView, has been expanded to include ISO Plots and Tracing.
Tasks performed using these features are now recorded in HWC syntax and can be logged both in HWC or Tcl syntax on the file system. The command line supports auto-completion and interactive help and allows easy modification and re-execution of commands.


Contact Status Plot
The contour plot when plotting Contact Status result type in OptiStruct and Abaqus results will now display a legend showing the contact status categories instead of a simple numeric legend. This will allow you to better understand the contact condition.

Figure 5.
Selection Highlighting in HyperWorks - HyperView
The selection highlighting of various entities such as elements and components has been updated. The selection color can be chosen via File > Preference > Appearance and the transparent highlighting is also possible via File > Preference > Performance.
Record and Playback
  • For HWC commands - limiting the number of commands in the command history has been added.
  • Recording the view using the shortcut "V" now makes it easier to create HWC command files interactively.

Known Issues

The following known issues with the HyperView - Upfront Loader tool will be addressed in a future release as software performance improvements continue to be made:
  • Session files/report templates saved in standard HyperView are incompatible with HyperView – Upfront Loader. An error message will be printed, and file loading will be stopped in the case of opening or replacing an existing session, but in the case of import or the append option, the loading process could potentially become very slow. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid loading standard HyperView mvw/tpl files in the Upfront Loader profile.
  • Iso tool is not in sync with Definition plotted when an Iso plot is added from Legend context menu.

Resolved Issues

  • Display Reverse option in the Visibility Controls toolbar not working properly when assemblies are present (HyperWorks Desktop).
  • Clearing the sets does not update the components count in Sets View.
  • Component Display icon does not update when Component sets are hidden/shown.
  • Section cut remains active when working with Extract and Linearize tool.
  • Animation performance drops when intersection is enabled in the Extract and Linearize tool.
  • Notes move during capture operation depending on the resolution.
  • Deformation scale factor affects contour resolved in tracking system.
  • Free body diagram tool fails to invoke if model contains only solid elements.
  • HyperWorks - HyperView: Material appearance dialog closes after selecting a material.
  • HyperWorks – HyperView: Animation starts updating automatically on hovering over the Animation toolbar slider after performing certain operations in Idle context.
  • HyperWorks - HyperView: Application crash seen in some cases when accessing an FBD summary table.
  • Application error when processing orphan nodes in the contour measure curves tool.
  • Legend graphics context menu does not set numeric format and other options properly.
  • Deleting overlaid models does not remove notes attached to it leading to an application error.
  • Command Recording: Set with commas and space is not created while executing commands via Tcl.
  • Command Recording: Wrong value shown in animation control panel when animation increment of non-active modes is changed using command API.
  • Command Recording: Commands not recorded for Section cuts defined by N1-N2-N3 plane option.
  • Command Recording (HyperWorks – HyperView) : Commands run via Tcl file is recorded in HWC console.
  • Command Recording: "result scalar" command does not record complex filter=<filter>.
  • Command Recording: HWC Report overlay/append does not consider parameter values.
  • HyperWorks – HyperView Upfront Loader: Cached result definition data does not get unloaded when simulation steps are unloaded.
  • HyperWorks – HyperView Upfront Loader: Plot resolved in tracking system are not handled properly when tracking systems are deleted and new ones are added.
  • HyperWorks – HyperView Upfront Loader: Component colors are not retained when saving MVW/TPL files.
  • Flexbody Stress requests are unavailable when H3D file has greater than one Flexbody.
  • Memory usage for HVTrans translation is higher in v2021 compared to v2020.1.
  • Hotspot Finder does not find hotspot with Bottom N entities.
  • Application error occurs on export of solver deck (in Pamcrash and OS/Nastran formats) from HyperView.
  • Application error on clicking Color button in the Entity Attributes panel with no model loaded.
  • Unable to set a view from the view tool or views in browser if views are saved with numeric label.
  • Warning messages keep popping up when switching from a page without FBD browser to a page with one open.
  • Entity selector and graphical selection get out of sync after the Hotspot finder dialog is closed and opened.
  • HyperView Player: Application error when clicking on Realistic Rendering option in Display Control icon.

Safety Tools


Pedestrian Tool
Pedestrian Post now supports first-sight report PPTX creation for all Impactor types, containing the following enhancements:
  • Run Statistics (Summary table listing Normal vs Error termination per impact location)
  • Overall Injury Summary (Summary Table listing Injury summary for all impact locations)
  • Overall Injury Map
  • Detailed Report

Solver Interfaces

Abaqus Interface

New Feature
Abaqus 2021 Reader
HyperView now supports post-processing Abaqus 2021 ODB files.

ANSYS Interface

Reader Enhancements
  • ANSYS version 2021R1 .rst files supported.
  • Support of .rst files generated from the RSPLIT command.

LS-DYNA Interface

Reader Enhancements
LS-DYNA Femzip reader library upgraded to version v11.00.

MADYMO Interface

Reader Enhancements
MADYMO reader now supports HDF5 files.

Nastran Interface

Reader Enhancements
New reader to support HDF5 files (.h5) generated from the Nastran solver.

OptiStruct Interface

Reader Enhancements
New reader to support HDF5 files (.h5) generated from the OptiStruct solver.
Resolved Issue
  • Contour values displayed as 0 instead of N/A for fake rigid body modes.

PAM-CRASH 2G Interface

Reader Enhancements
Summary Supported Format
DSY and Femzip-DSY reader corrections to avoid showing nonexistent results and support of new data type results. DSY and FEMZIP-DSY

Radioss Interface

Reader Enhancements
  • Radioss FEMZIP reader library upgraded to version v11.27.
  • Reader enhancement to support 3 node and 4 node spring elements when importing a Radioss input deck.