Cache Results

After a contour plot has been applied in the Contour panel, the Cache feature will become active and allow you to add the currently active contour result to an internal cache.

This will cache all of the results that are likely to be viewed multiple times in a given session, thereby avoiding re-computation and allowing you faster switching between scalar results.

The Cache/Delete Cache button (located in the lower middle section of the Contour panel) will be disabled whenever the panel shows information that does not match the currently contoured result. You must apply a particular contour result which matches the information on the panel in order for the button to be enabled.

Figure 1. Contour Panel
Note: This feature is only available for scalar results (and for scalar components of vectors and tensors).
Cached results are identified internally based on a unique identifier. This unique identifier (checksum) is based on the following parameters below:
  • Data type
  • Data component
  • Layer
  • Corner data
  • Result system
  • Averaging method
  • Envelope trace plot
  • Value filter
  • Layer filter
  • Tracking system
  • User defined system
  • Projection rules
  • Selection set

HyperView will automatically re-compute the data whenever any of the above parameters are changed.

Additional Information

  • Caching is not supported for complex results.
  • Caching is a run-time feature only; therefore cached results cannot be saved in a session file or an H3D file. Only results that are contoured when an H3D is exported, or a session is saved, are restored.
  • The copy/paste option is not available for cached results.