Zooming to Extents

Zoom to the extents of the 3D view to view the entire model and far field request.

For this example, you have worked mostly with the project. But often you require to zoom to extents to view the entire model.

  1. Search for zoom in the integrated help.
  2. Double-click API method, ZoomToExtents.
    The Choose Topic dialog is displayed.

  3. Double-click View on the Choose Topic dialog.
  4. View the View (object).
    Note: Since there can be multiple 3D views in the model, the view is part of a collection.

    Figure 1. A snippet of the View object which shows the Parent collection list.
  5. Click the ViewCollection hyperlink to navigate to the ViewCollection description.
    Note: The ViewCollection is part of the Application.

    Figure 2. A snippet of the ViewCollection which shows the Usage locations (collections).
  6. Use indexing to access the first view (the only available view for this example) using the following syntax: