Creating a Far Field Request

Create a far field request by searching and navigating the documentation.

  1. Search for farfield in the integrated help.
    The results returned in response to the farfield query includes FarField (object).
  2. Double-click FarField (object).
  3. View the FarField (object).
    Note: Since there can be multiple far field requests in the model, the far field object is part of a collection.

    Figure 1. A snippet of the FarFieldCollection which shows the Usage locations (collections) and Method list.

A handle on the standard configuration was created in a previous step. Use the :Add3DPattern() method.

  1. Add a 3D far field request using the following syntax.
    my_farfield = thisConfig.FarFields:Add3DPattern()
    Tip: For planar multilayer substrates any field calculations below ground will be zero.

The far field request must exclude angles below the horizon. First get far field request properties.

  1. Use the inspect function to see exactly which property to modify.
    properties = my_farfield:GetProperties()
  2. Modify the theta end angle property as follows.
    properties.Theta.End = "89"
    properties.Theta.Increment = "1"
  3. Apply the modified properties to the far field request.