Saving the CADFEKO Model

Save the CADFEKO model to a .cfx file by searching and navigating the documentation.

  1. Search for saveas in the integrated help.
    The results returned in response to the saveas query includes SaveAs (method).
  2. Double-click SaveAs (method).
    The Choose Topic dialog is displayed.
  3. Double-click Application on the Choose Topic dialog (CADFEKO relevant section).
  4. View the :SaveAs(filename) method.

    Figure 1. A snippet of the CADFEKO application object which shows the :SaveAs method.
  5. Save the model using the following syntax:
    Note: Use the existing handle, app, for the CADFEKO application.

    The .cfx file is saved as patch_antenna_scripted_model.cfx in the same folder where the .lua file is located.

    Tip: The “[[” and “]]” indicates to the Lua parser that patch_antenna_scripted_model.cfx is used as is and that it is not an object with the property .cfx.