Creating a Second Dielectric Medium

Create a second dielectric medium by searching and navigating the documentation.

The second dielectric is defined using the AddDielectric (properties) method. With this method a temporary table is first created with all the (minimum) required settings for the dielectric. After the table is created, we define the conductivity.
  1. Find Dielectric (object) in the integrated help, see Step 1.

To know which properties to set for any object, we use the static function GetDefaultProperties().

Figure 1. A snippet of the Dielectric object which shows the function to obtain the default properties.

  1. Create a dielectric with default properties using the following syntax:
    my_diel2_properties = cf.Dielectric.GetDefaultProperties()
  2. Use the inspect function to print the properties to screen.
    The screen output is as follows:

    Figure 2. The screen output in the script editor when myDiel2Properties is inspected.
    Tip: Only modify the relevant properties and apply the modified table to the handle, myDiel2.
    The inspect output shows that the property, ConductivityType is set to LossTangent.
  3. Navigate to the .ConductivityType property in the integrated help.

    Figure 3. A snippet of the DielectricModelling object which shows the .ConductivityType property.
    Note: Use MediumDielectricConductivityEnum to set the .ConductivityType property.
  4. Click the MediumDielectricConductivityEnum hyperlink.

    Figure 4. A snippet of the MediumDielectricConductivityTypeEnum.
    Note: You have the option to specify either the LossTangent or Conductivity. For this example, we will use Conductivity.
  5. Change to Conductivity using the following syntax.
    myDiel2Properties.DielectricModelling.ConductivityType = cf.Enums.MediumDielectricConductivityTypeEnum.Conductivity
  6. Specify the conductivity, relative permittivity and label of the second dielectric:
    my_diel2_properties.DielectricModelling.Conductivity = "1e-2"
    my_diel2_properties.DielectricModelling.RelativePermittivity = "2.5"
    my_diel2_properties.Label = "substrate2"
    my_diel2 = myProject.Media:AddDielectric(my_diel2_properties)
  7. Run the script created up to this point to view the progress in the GUI.

    Figure 5. The result in the CADFEKO after running the script.
    Note: Observe the two dielectrics in the construct tree.