Metal Forming Application Example

For metal forming and for quasi-static load cases, AMS allows obtaining the solution much faster and keep a high level of accuracy (of course, using the right targeted scale factor for the time step).

As an example, for stamping simulation, normally a scale factor of 20 provides an accurate and really close to reference results.

Other methods in metal forming simulations used to speed-up the solution are:
  • Mesh adaptivity
  • Dynamic condensation

In comparison with adaptive mesh, AMS is faster most of the time and is always more accurate than using adaptive meshing option (/ADMESH).

However, adaptivity is now compatible with AMS. To use an adaptive mesh and AMS together, dynamic condensation must be switched off.
  1. AMS can be used with more than 2 levels of adaptivity. However, a scale factor of 20 might be too high, depending on the numbers of levels of adaptivity. This option must be used carefully.
  2. When using HyperForm, there is no need for model changes, as optimized AMS parameters are automatically pre-defined.