Block Format Keyword Keyword encryption for input options.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
Header string1
[keyid] Header string2
[keyid] Header string3
[keyid] Header string4
[keyid] Header string5


Field Contents SI Unit Example
keyid Encryption key ID  
Header string1 Encryption string 1

(Character maximum 100 characters)

[keyid] Header string2 Encryption string 2

(Character maximum 100 characters)

[keyid] Header string3 Encryption string 3

(Character maximum 100 characters)

[keyid] Header string4 Encryption string 4

(Character maximum 100 characters)

[keyid] Header string5 Encryption string 5

(Character maximum 100 characters)



  1. HyperWorks FEA pre-processors must be used to generate the encryption keyid and strings.
  2. keyid uses the format %AB123.

    Where, AB= any 2 letters and 123=any 3 numbers, such as %TY583.

  3. The keyid is repeated at the beginning of header strings 2 – 5.
  4. /ENCRYPT and /KEY cannot use the same keyid in the same model.
  5. The following entities can be encrypted in the model:
    • Any material (/MAT/...)
    • Any failure model (/FAIL/...)
    • Any viscous model (/VISC/...)
    • Any equation of state (/EOS/...)
    • Any property (/PROP/...)
    • Functions /FUNCT and /FUNCT_SMOOTH