Running Mouse

The Running Mouse mode causes the mouse to set objects into motion, and the current action will continue to perform until the mouse button is released.

If Running Mouse, accessed from the View menu or from the Viewer Options panel, is turned on, then the actions of the mouse change. The effects differ depending on the current state of the Viewer toolbar. This mode will cause the current action to be performed until released. That is, if the current mouse action is Zoom [ M3 ], then Running Mouse causes the view to zoom as long as the right mouse button is held. Releasing the mouse stops the motion. Normally, without Running Mouse turned on, the object in the graphics window only moves if the mouse is moving.

If the current transform mode is Locked Transforms, Running Mode causes right mouse movement to perform the selected locked transform until released. Normally, these actions only take place while the mouse is moving, that is, stopping the mouse stops the action.