3D Mouse Support

Support is available for the 3D connection 3D mice products including the SpaceExplorer, SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceNavigator and Space Pilot products, giving you the ability to easily navigate and manipulate data with improved control and agility.

If a compatible 3D mouse is detected on your system, the entry 3D Mouse will be activated for the Action menu.

When this transform action is selected, the 3D mouse provides control over all transform operations in the modeling window. The standard three-button mouse is disabled for all transform operations as indicated on the Viewer toolbar by the empty icons indicating what each of the three mouse buttons do. The standard three button mouse is used for GUI navigation and all picking operations such as point probing and streamline seeding. Mouse sensitivity can be controlled using the 3dconnexion software.

Perspective must be turned on to fly-thru three-dimensional visualization objects. If perspective is not on, only translation and rotation of these objects will be possible.

The 3D mouse can be used to do transforms at all hierarchical object levels. For plot transforms, only translation and zooming is possible.

Locked transforms are not supported for the 3D mouse. If you change to Locked Transforms by clicking the left most icon on the toolbar, transform operations can only be performed using the standard 3-button mouse or the click viewer. The Action setting is saved when you toggle the Viewer toolbar to use Locked Transforms. Toggling from Locked Transforms by clicking on the left most button on the toolbar again restores 3D mouse transform functionality.

With the other Action options on the Viewer toolbar, pressing the Spacebar while the modeling window has focus changes the button actions for the standard three-button mouse. Pressing the Spacebar while you are in 3D Mouse transform mode will have no effect.

If no compatible 3D mouse devices are found, the 3D Mouse entry on the Action menu will be grayed out.