Toolbars contain groups of icons used to perform the most common tasks.

Main Toolbar

The Main toolbar provides direct access for saving and reading complete restarts, direct printing and access to panels.

Figure 1.
Table 1.
Icon Behavior
Open or read a complete restart file for import
Save a complete restart file
Direct printing
Opens the Function Specification panel
Opens the Scalar Colormap Specification panel
Opens the Color Mixer panel

Transform Controls Toolbar

The Transform Controls toolbar provides access to demotion control, Viewer Options, toggling outlines and defined views.

Figure 2.
Table 2.
Icon Behavior
Center the image
Opens the Defined Views panel
Refresh the window
Toggle the display on and off

Viewer Toolbar

The Viewer toolbar allows you to use the mouse to translate and transform various items that make up your visualization. There are several different modes and many of the modes have different icons and actions. The various modes are activated based on the current Object and settings on the View menu and Viewer Options panel. The toggle next to Object controls the object that is affected by the view transformations.

The Detach feature separates the current Surface (if Object: Surface) or Region (if Object: Region) from the transform hierarchy. Reset resets all interactive transforms which have been performed on the current Object. Transforms set on the Region or Dataset panel are not reset.

Figure 3.
Table 3.
Icon Behavior
Toggle between locked transforms controls and multi-transform controls
Combined screen XY Translation (X translation is horizontal movement, Y translation is vertical movement)
XYZ rotation
Used for magnification when Object is World and Scaling when Object is Dataset

Side (Visualization) Toolbar

This toolbar provides quick access to opening Visualization panels. These panels can also be accessed by clicking Visualization Panels from the menu bar.

Figure 4.

Window Toolbar

When you start AcuFieldView, this toolbar displays in the upper left corner of the graphics area and is used when you want to have multiple windows open at the same time. Clicking on either the vertical or horizontal split icons gives you options for splitting the current window.

Figure 5.