Altair® Panopticon


Primary Layouts

In the Panopticon Visualization Server, for a user with a Designer role, there are four primary layouts:


q  Workbooks and Folders Summary

Allows you to:

·         manage workbook folders

·         create,  view, upload, sort, rename, copy, move, merge, delete, download, export bundle, view history and republish

·         search workbooks



q  Edit Data Table View

Allows the process of collecting, cleaning, transforming, and consolidating data into one data table, primarily for use in analysis.


q  Open Workbook in Design Mode

Allows you to build dashboards by adding visualizations, filters, action controls, legends, labels, and images based on the data tables that were added in the Edit Data Table layout.

Here is an example workbook with the components in design mode:


Once a workbook is open, it will display all dashboards as separate tabs, and list all data tables it utilizes in the Data Table pane to the left of the screen. Selecting a visual will automatically select the linked data table, or alternatively the data table can be manually selected through the drop-down list box.

For more information on how to use the Open Workbook in Design Mode view, refer to Using the Open Workbook in Design Mode.


q  Open Workbook in View Mode

This is how the workbook and its components will be displayed on the Web client that allows users to analyze fully interactive dashboards.



On the Open Workbook in View Mode, when the Edit   button is clicked, the user will get the DESIGNER role. Consequently, the Save  button becomes available in both the Open Workbook in Design and View Modes.





For more information on how to use the Open Workbook in View Mode view, refer to Using the Open Workbook in View Mode.


The Back  button allows going back to the root folder. It is only available on the toolbar section of the  Open Workbook in Design Mode and Open Workbook in View Mode if startURL is available in the workbook.json file located in <appdata>/JavaScriptConfiguration/.

However, for the Back button to use the browser history to navigate back despite startUrl being set in the file, add useBrowserHistoryToNavigateBack and set to true.

After updating the workbook.json file, restart the Panopticon application.