Altair® Panopticon


Merging or Importing Workbooks

Existing workbooks can be imported into another open workbook, merging their dashboards together.

For example, the How to Actions workbook has eight dashboards, while How to Drill has two dashboards. Follow the steps below to import the eight dashboards and the associated data tables of How to Actions to How to Drill.


1.     On the List or Grid view, check the boxes of multiple workbooks then:

·         right-click and select Merge on the context menu, or

·         click the Merge  icon on the toolbar.

The Select Merge Target dialog displays.

2     Select the target workbook (i.e., How to Drill) where the dashboards will be imported.

3.     Click .

Both workbooks are now available on the Quick Access pane.

The dashboards and data tables from How to Actions are now added to the How to Drill workbook.



 Dashboard parts and actions, that reference a data table that needs a new Id/name, will update the data table reference to point to the correct one.