Altair® Panopticon


Viewing Workbook History and Republishing

Aside from opening workbooks, a user with Designer role can also perform the following:

q  view the change history of workbooks

q  republish an archived workbook to the recent version of Panopticon Visualization Server

q  rename an archived workbook


1.     On the Workbooks page, right-click on a workbook and select History on the context menu.

The History of Workbook <Name> dialog is displayed with the current version of the workbook indicated.

Sort the archival list either through the Date Modified or Modified By  by clicking on the  or  button.

Also, move to the other pages of the list by clicking on a page or clicking the  or  button.

2.     Click on an archived workbook in the list.

Then click . A notification message displays.

3.     Click .

A notification message displays.

4.     Click .

The republished workbook version is added in the  history list.

5.     You may also opt to rename an archived workbook by entering a new one in the New Name box and follow steps 2 to 4 to republish it.