Altair® Panopticon


Searching for Workbooks

Search for particular workbooks that may be located in different folders and perform other operations like merge, copy, download, or remove.


1.     On the Workbooks and Folders Summary layout, click on a workbook folder then enter a workbook name or dashboard name in the Search Workbook box.

2.     Click .


The following information are displayed for each workbook:

·         Folder where the workbook is located.

·         What the search match was based on: workbook or dashboard name.

·         Date/Time when the workbook was last viewed

·         Date/Time when the workbook was last modified


You can also enter one or more characters into the Search Workbook box then click Enter. The list of workbooks that matched the entries will be displayed.


Click on a workbook thumbnail to open and display it on the Open Workbook in View Mode.

To go back to the Workbooks and Folders Summary layout, click .


You may opt to right-click on a workbook or select several workbooks to display the context menu.



To display the workbook in its location, click Show in Folder in the context menu.