Add a Note

  1. From the Annotations toolbar, click Notes .
  2. From the Notes panel, click Add under the Notes list.
    A new note is appended to the list.
    Tip: Use the Rename (right-click context menu) option to rename the new note if desired.
  3. Select an attachment method under Attach to.
    The Attach to drop-down menu allows you to specify how a note is displayed in the window. Once attached, notes can be positioned anywhere in the window.
    Option Description
    Window The note remains stationary when the animation image is repositioned in the window.
    Note: Window is the default attachment type.
    Entity The note can be attached to a node, element, component, or system in the model.

    If you select Component, the note leader is attached to the center of the bounding box of the component.

    Notes can also be attached to the Nodes that lie on a cross-section cut.

    Coordinates The note can be attached to the x, y, z coordinates of the model, which are designated in the X:, Y:, and Z: text boxes.
    Multi select Allows you to select multiple entities to which a note will be attached. Activating this check box changes the entity collector from a single entity collector to an extended entity collector.

    Activating the Multi select option disables the ability to edit a single note in the Notes list.

    Note: To review/edit the properties of an individual note after the creation of multiple notes, or after unchecking the multi-select option, you simply need to click on the desired note in the list.
    Entity input collector The input collector allows you to select, or change, the entity type of a note.
  4. If you want to add fields to be used in a Templex expression, select a field from the Field names menu and click Insert Field.
    The field name is inserted in the Description box.
    Tip: You can also enter a Templex expression directly into the Description box.
  5. Enter note text in the Description box.
  6. Click the Font button to change the font type, font style, and font size.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Apply.
    The new note is displayed in the Notes list and in the modeling window.
  9. Optional: Use the various Display options to change the display of the currently selected note.