Specify Scheduler Log Events

Specify Scheduler events which should be excluded from the scheduler's log.

Important: The Scheduler Log Level parameter can only be updated if the cluster was added by a user with passwordless sudo permissions and therefore may not appear as a Scheduling parameter.

The Scheduler's log events are specified as an integer representation of a bit string, where the integer represents all the log events to be excluded from the scheduler’s log file. For example, to exclude common debug messages (128, or 0x0080) and reservation-related messages (512, or 0x0200), set the parameter value to 640 or 0x0280 (128 + 512, or 0x0200 + 0x0080). To include all events, set the value to 0 (zero). To log nothing, set the value to 4095 (0xffffffff). (The default value is 3328 (0x0D00).

For more information about Log Event Classes see the PBS Professional Administrator's Guide.

  1. Click the Configure tab.
  2. Choose the HPC to configure.

    Choose an HPC
    Figure 1. Choose an HPC
  3. Click Scheduling from the PBS Professional menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
  4. Click located to the right of Scheduler Log Level.
  5. For Scheduler Log Level, enter an integer value that represents the Log Event Classes that should be excluded from the scheduler's log file.
  6. Click to save the change.