Radioss has built-in unit system for you to provide data in any consistent system.

To verify consistency, check that pressure = density x length2 / time2

Most popular units are (with steel examples):
Length Time Stress Mass Force Energy Density Young's Module Gravity Yield Stress
m s Pa kg N J 7.8e+03 2.1e+11 9.81e+00 2.06e+05
mm ms MPa g N mJ 7.8e-03 2.1e+05 9.81e-03 2.06e+02
mm ms GPa kg KN J 7.8e-06 2.1e+02


mm s MPa Mg (ton) N mJ 7.8e-09 2.1e+05 9.81e+03 2.06e+02
cm micros Mbar g 107N 105J 7.8e+00 2.1e+00 9.81e-10 2.06e-06